Кикнадзе В.Г. Великая Отечественная война 1941-1945 гг. Историческая правда о ключевых событиях и явлениях в вопросах и ответах. М., Прометей, 2020 / V. Kiknadze, Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945
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Dr. Vladimir G. Kiknadze 


Great Patriotic War 1941—1945


Historical truth about key events and phenomena

in questions and answer


Moscow: Prometey, 2020. – 198 p. (In Russian)


ISBN 978-5-907244-77-1


The book opens with a brief essay on the development of Russia’s state policy in the historical sphere in 2009-2019: work to counter the falsifi cation of history to the detriment of Russia’s interests of state authorities (President of Russia, Government of Russia, Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation) and public organizations (RIO, RVIO), including at the international level (UN).


The book gives a short form of answers to dozens of the most burning questions of the history of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, World War II, which are most often falsifi ed and distorted in historical literature, the media and speeches of political fi gures, primarily modern leaders of European states.


The prehistory of World War II, the Soviet-German treaties of 1939, the expansion of the borders of the USSR, whether the Red Army prepared a preemptive strike and the reasons for its defeats in 1941, barrage units and penal battalions, the feat of Panfi lov’s and other “Siberian” divisions, the anti-Hitler coalition, Lend-lease, Allied convoys, Second front and decisive battles, heroism of Soviet youth and children, traitors to the Motherland, Vlasov, Bandera and their supporters, friendship of the peoples of the USSR, liberation of Auschwitz and European countries, acts of surrender of Germany and the Banner of Victory, losses (material and human, military and civilian), the price of Victory and the contribution of Moscow and Muscovites, the atomic project, the defeat of Japan, Stalin, Nuremberg trials, perpetuating the memory of warriors and victims of war, the search for and condemnation of war criminals, the protection of historical truth — these stories are presented in the book in their historical development, and as facts of history, and taking into account numerous interpretations.


We hope that acquaintance with the work intended for teachers, students, journalists, public and political fi gures will contribute to an objective, truthful assessment of key events and facts from the recent heroic past of Russia, an active and well-reasoned defense of the historical truth about the Great Victory. The book is completed by some examples of falsifi cation and distortion of the history of the Great Patriotic War of 1941—1945 and their possible consequences for Russia, as well as a short dictionary of terms and abbreviations.


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