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The site is a mass medium.


Certificate of registration of the mass media: El No. FS77-53538 dated April 4, 2013 of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Communications, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor).


The domain name of the site in the ITS Internet: NOO-JOURNAL.RU


Contract with the Scientific Electronic Library (eLIBRARY)

No. 320-05 / 2013 of 27/05/2013.



ISSN 2311-1763


Approximate subjects and (or) specialization: educational, cultural and educational in the field of organization of scientific activities, publication of research results, development of Russian society, its political culture, problems of military science and defense of Russia, domestic history, military history, countering attempts to falsify and distort history to the detriment of Russia's interests, advertising in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on advertising.


Founder: Kiknadze Vladimir Georgievich


Address of the editorial office:

119331, Moscow, Prospect Vernadsky, 25, Apt. 52 (


Our awards: Winner (2016, 2014), Laureate (third prize in 2017, second prize, 2013) of the All-Russian Media Contest "Patriot of Russia"

The publication is included in the Russian Index of Scientific Citation (RINC)


Two-year impact factor RINC 0.081


On the subject "History, Historical Sciences," the magazine occupies for 2016:


  • 124th place by indicator Two-year impact factor of RINC without self-citation
  • 139th place by indicator Two-year impact factor of RINC, taking into account citations from all sources
  • 144th place by indicator Two-year impact factor of the RINC for the core of RINC
  • 61st place in terms of the Herfindahl Index by organizations of authors

Articles are placed in the Scientific Electronic Library (eLIBRARY)


Currently, the following sections of the Scientific Publication are provided:


  • Objective history
  • Society of Russia: History and Modernity
  • Modern Russia
  • Health of the Nation
  • Army, power and society
  • Military Security
  • Military training and education
  • Patriotic education
  • World politics: history, theory, practice
  • International relationships
  • The problems of war and peace
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Scientific Staff
  • Information technology: science and practice
  • Art: History and Modernity
  • Special services: history and modernity
  • History of the Cossacks
  • Historiography
  • History in the Face
  • Works of young scientists
  • Scientific reports


Responsibility for the reliability of information, the accuracy of figures and citations, as well as for the fact that the materials do not have data not subject to public publication, are the authors.


The electronic edition of "Science, Society, Defense" publishes only those materials and documents in which there is an address of the author (postal or e-mail), academic degree, academic title, telephone number, his full position, job, surname, name, patronymic, (for military personnel - military rank), the number, month and year of birth. Authors should provide a brief annotation for their material and keywords in Russian and English, as well as contact information for correspondence, which will be placed in the publication.


Authors can send their manuscripts to the e-mail address of the publication.


In accordance with the current legislation, the editors have the right not to enter into correspondence with authors, manuscripts, materials sent to the editorial office and electronic media do not return.


The editorial position does not necessarily coincide with the point of view of the authors.


When reprinting materials, a reference to "Science, Society, Defense" is mandatory.


The royalties are not paid.


Post-graduate fees are not charged for the publication of manuscripts.


Россия, история, 2000 - 2014
Трамп, Путин, США, Россия, угрозы, безопасность
Навигацкая школа, кадетская школа, корпус, Москва
Без знания прошлого нет будущего
Патриотические сводки от Владимира Кикнадзе


"Внимание к российской истории не должно ослабевать"  // Путин В.В. Послание Президента Российской Федерации Федеральному Собранию. - 2012.
Миграция, демография, управление рисками
Всероссийская военно-историческая олимпиада

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