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UDC: 93/94+930.2+656.835.91+766

DOI: 10.24411/2311-1763-2020-10221

Submitted: October 16, 2019

Published online: November 20, 2019 

For citation:  Metelkin E. N., Sokhor T. E. Suvorov theme in philately. Nauka. Obshchestvo. Oborona = Science. Society. Defense. Moscow. 2020;8(1): - .  (In Russ.) DOI: 10.24411/2311-1763-2020-10221.

Acknowledgements: The authors thank Walter Gaehler, the founder of the museum A. V. Suvorov in Lintal (Switzerland) for their advice on the museum exhibits.

Conflict of Interest: No conflict of interest related to this article has been reported.

                        Рис. 1                                                      Рис. 2                                                 Рис. 3


Pic. 1–2. Portrait of A. V. Suvorov, engraved by N. Utkin from a painting by S.-N. Frost.

Stamp design I. Dubasov, 1941.


Pic. 3. N.-S. Frost. Portrait of Field Marshal A. V. Suvorov (1834), oil on canvas, GE.


Рис. 4

Рис. 5

Рис. 6

Pic. 4–5. Portrait of A. V. Suvorov, engraved by J. Walker. Stamp design I. Dubasov, 1941.


Pic. 6. J. Walker. Portrait of A. V. Suvorov, engraving, 1797.

                Рис. 7                                 Рис. 8




Pic. 7–8. V. I. Surikov. Suvorov crossing the Alps, 1899. Stamp design  P. Platonov, 1941.

Рис. 9

Рис. 10

Рис. 11


Pic. 9. The Order of Suvorov (with the order ribbon). Stamp design A. Mandrusov, 1943


Pic. 10. Order of Suvorov (toothless stamp). Stamp design A. Mandrusov, 1944


Pic. 11. Order of Suvorov. Stamp design A. Mandrusov, 1944


Рис. 12

Рис. 13

Рис. 14


Pic. 12–13. Portrait of A. V. Suvorov, engraved by N. Utkin. Stamp design E. Bulanova and V. Andreev, 1950


Pic. 14. N. I. Utkin. Portrait of A. V. Suvorov according to the original by I. G. Schmidt, etching, 1818

Рис. 15

Рис. 16

Рис. 17

Рис. 18

Рис. 19


Pic. 15. V. I. Surikov. Suvorov crossing the Alps, 1899. Stamp design  E. Bulanova and V. Andreev, 1950


Pic. 16. The Order of Suvorov, Suvorov troops and their descendants  Soviet soldiers

(according to the poster of N. Smolyak). Stamp design  E. Bulanova and V. Andreev, 1950


Pic. 17. The poster “Every honest person should have a good name; I personally saw this good name in the glory of my Fatherland. A. Suvorov”. Artist N. Smolyak. 1950


Pic. 18. Suvorov in the Alps (1941, according to the drawing by N. Avvakumov).

Stamp design  E. Bulanova and V. Andreev, 1950


Pic. 19. N. M. Avvakumov. Suvorov in the Alps, 1941, graphics, Pushkin Museum im. A. S. Pushkin


Рис. 20

Рис. 21

Рис. 22

Рис. 23


Pic. 20–22. Portrait of A. V. Suvorov (1818, from an engraving by N. Utkin).

Stamp design  P. Chernyshev, 1956.


 Pic. 23. Portrait of A. V. Suvorov, the great Russian commander, generalissimo (engraved by N. Utkin, 1818). Stamp design N. Filippov, T. Mayorov, 1980.


                         Рис. 24                                                                                Рис. 25


Pic. 24. Portrait of A. V. Suvorov in the painting by artist Joseph Kreuzinger. Philatelic Service of the Principality of Liechtenstein, 1984


 Pic. 25. Post card and cancellation of the first day. March 12, 1984, Principality of Liechtenstein, Vaduz


                                          Рис. 26                                                                                Рис. 27



Pic. 26. Joint issue  Russian Federation  Switzerland:

a) A. V. Suvorov with a group of officers and soldiers. Monument at the St. Gotthard Pass.

Stamp design B. S. Ilyukhin, 1999;

b) The vanguard of the Russian army on the shore of Lake Klentalsky on September 29, 1799

(engraved by L. Hess, 1800). Stamp design of Courvoisier, 1999. 


Pic. 27. L. Hess. Offensive of Suvorov in the Klental Valley. Engraving, 1800.


Малые марочные листы серии «200-летие перехода войск А. В. Суворова через Альпы», 1999 г. / Pic. 28. Small stamped sheets of the series “200th anniversary of the march of A. V. Suvorov is troops through the Alps”, 1999
Рис. 28


Pic. 28. Small stamped sheets of the series

“200th anniversary of the march of A. V. Suvorov is troops through the Alps”, 1999


                         Рис. 29                                                                                Рис. 30


 Pic. 29. Postal block of the series “275th Birth Anniversary of Catherine II (1729–1796)”.

Stamp design A. Kernosov, 2004


Pic. 30. A fragment of the bas-relief of the monument to Catherine II in St. Petersburg, 1873,

sculptor M. Mikeshin


                      Рис. 31                                                 Рис. 32                                                Рис. 33


 Pic. 31. A postal envelope with the original stamp

“100th Anniversary of the State Memorial Museum of A. V. Suvorov”. Artist R. Komsa, 2004


Pic. 32. Portrait of a generalissimo on the background of the episode of the Italian campaign “Capture the Devil's Bridge”. Stamp design B. S. Ilyukhin, 2005.


Pic. 33. Small sheet of postage stamps with decorated margins. Stamp design B. S. Ilyukhin, 2005.


                                      Рис. 34                                                                                Рис. 35


Pic. 34. Order of Suvorov. Stamp design A. Moskovets, 2013


Pic. 35. Combined mailing sheet depicting the Order of Suvorov. Stamp design A. Moskovets, 2016


                        Рис. 36                                              Рис. 37                                                 Рис. 38


Pic. 36. Small stamped sheet “Following the footsteps of A. V. Suvorov in Switzerland” based on paintings by Alex Dol. Philatelic Service of the Principality of Liechtenstein, 2014


Pic. 37. Monument to A. V. Suvorov at the Saint-Gatard Pass (1999), sculptor Dm. Tugarinov. 2016


 Pic. 38. Suvorov Medal. Stamp design I. Ulyanavsky, 2019.


               Рис. 39                             Рис. 40                             Рис. 41                               Рис. 42

         Рис. 43                    Рис. 44                  Рис. 45                   Рис. 46                  Рис. 47

    Рис. 48                            Рис. 49                                           Рис. 50                                   Рис. 51

                             Рис. 52                                                                         Рис. 53


Pic. 39. A postage stamp from the Suvorov series


Pic. 40–41. Monument to A. V. Suvorov in Tiraspol. 1997


Pic. 42. Portrait of A. V. Suvorov. 1997


Pic. 43. On the 200th anniversary of A. S. Pushkin. 1999


Pic. 44. Standard issue of postage stamps depicting the monument to A. V. Suvorov in Tiraspol, 2013


Pic. 45. Portrait of A. V. Suvorov. 2007


Pic. 46. Postal block of the Tiraspol 215th anniversary series. 2007


Pic. 47. Postal block “215 years of the Tiraspol (middle) fortress, 1792–2007”

with the image of the equestrian monument to A. V. Suvorov in Tiraspol. 2007


Pic. 48. Postal block depicting the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ

and the equestrian monument to A. V. Suvorov in Tiraspol, a triumphal arch in Bender, 2009


Pic. 49. The postal block in the series “225 years since the founding of Ternopol”

with the image of the equestrian monument A. V. Suvorov, 2017


Pic. 50. A small stamp sheet depicting the work of students of the Tiraspol Children's Art School

named after A. F. Foinitsky, 2009 


Pic. 51. Stamp from it with a portrait of A. V. Suvorov. Artist Yana Gutsul, 2008


Pic. 52. Combined stamp sheet “Orders of the Transnistrian Moldavian Republic”, 2017


Pic. 53. Uniform of cadets of the Moscow and Tiraspol Suvorov military schools, 2018



Original Paper

Suvorov theme in philately

E. N. Metelkin1T. E. Sokhor2

St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation,

ORCID: https://orcid.org/ 0000-0001-5001-680X, e-mail: e.metelkin@mail.ru

St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation,

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6853-6413, e-mail: sohor@mail.ru 


Introduction. The purpose of the study is to consider the reasons for the emergence of Suvorov themes in the philately of the USSR before the start of the World War II and the development of this topic in subsequent issues. New issues of postage stamps in the USSR and Russia naturally appeared on the anniversary or memorable dates of the life of Generalissimo A. V. Suvorov, involuntarily recording bursts of interest in the personality of “General forward!”. Russian emigrants who lived in other countries did not forget about Suvorov (1984, 1999, 2014), and the postal service of the Transnistrian Moldavian Republic for which A.V. Suvorov is a national hero.

Results. A postage stamp, according to V. Ya. Bryusov, “reflecting the history of the present moment,” retained in its drawings some forgotten elements of Russian history. So, for example, in 1943, a stamp was issued that captured the appearance of a variant of the first Suvorov order on the order bar, and in 1984 a stamp depicting a portrait of Suvorov by Joseph Kreuzinger, who created a lifetime portrait of Generalissimo. A close look at the mail thumbnail made it possible to identify the sources of the image. It turned out to be interesting to use the famous portrait of A.V. Suvorov from an engraving made by N.I. Utkin (1940, 1941, 1950, 1980, 1999).

Methods. The 1999 Russian-Swiss project of the series “200th Anniversary of the March of A. V. Suvorov the Troops of is troops through the Alps” made it possible to attribute an engraving, the authorship of which was previously unknown in Russia. The Swiss side proposed for publication in postal miniature engraving "On Lake Klönthal" by his fellow countryman Ludwig Hess, who was a contemporary of the famous March of Russian troops through the Alps. In the work, an attempt is made to comparatively analyze images of stamps and art sources created by Russian and foreign masters during the 18th – 20th centuries, and which were the prototypes for the mail miniature.

Conclusion. The Suvorov theme in philately will not be over: the name of A. V. Suvorov has long been a subject of national pride.



 A. V. Suvorov, postage stamp, miniature art, stamp artists,

Russia, Switzerland, Transnistria, philately, Russian history



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Information about the authors 

Evgeny N. Metelkin, Cand. Sci. (History), Assoc. Prof., Institute History  of St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation.


Tatyana E. Sokhor,  laboratory  assistant  of  the  Institut  History of St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation.


Corresponding author

Tatyana E. Sokhor, e-mail: sohor@mail.ru.

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2020. Т. 8. № 1


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2020. Vol. 8. № 1


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