Annotations and key words of scientific articles and reviews published by the publication "Science, Society, Defense" for the last 2 years (2016 - 2017)

Science. Society. Defense ( - 2016. - No. 1 (6)


Zimonin V.P. The security formula for Russia and Eurasia

Annotation. In the context of the increasingly complicated military and political situation in the world, the formation of a security and co-development system in Eurasia is of paramount importance. Central to this process can and should take the largest Eurasian power - Russia.

Keywords: Eurasia, Russia, USA, system, security, co-development, EABS.


Zolotarev V.A. Military security of the Fatherland in the historical dimension: the experience of the past and the challenges of our time

Annotation. History is that power: when people are well, they forget about it and attribute their own prosperity to themselves; when they become ill, they begin to feel her need and appreciate her good deeds. The experience of the past is designed to help avoid mistakes of the past, especially in ensuring the military security of the Fatherland.

Keywords: security, military, Fatherland, history, experience, lessons, modernity.


Sivkov K.V. Geopolitical threats of the Russian Federation

Annotation. The report reveals the main sources of geopolitical threats to Russia.

Keywords: civilizational crisis, disproportions and contradictions of the modern world, analysis of possible options for resolving imbalances and contradictions.


Bagreev V.R. The development of the theory of the use of the Armed Forces formations outside the Russian Federation in the main documents of strategic planning

Annotation. The article considers the current state and directions of the development of the theory of the use of armed forces in peacetime outside the territory of the Russian Federation in the main documents of strategic planning.

Keywords: national security, strategic planning, use of armed forces formations outside the Russian Federation.


Isonov V.V. On the issue of political mechanisms for countering external threats to Russia's military security

Annotation. The report is devoted to approaches to ensuring Russia's military security through political mechanisms to counter external threats to military security of the state.

Keywords: military security, its external threats, political mechanisms to counter external threats.


Kalach G.P., Kalach G.G., Travnikov S.A. Prospects for the use of robotic complexes in the interests of ensuring the military security of the state

Annotation. The article reveals the prospects of using robotic complexes in the interests of ensuring the military security of the state, presents an analysis of the ways of navigation of robotic complexes when performing tasks for the intended purpose.

Keywords: autonomous robotic complex, mobile robot, navigation, onboard system, laser range finders.


Makarov V.V. Military-patriotic education of youth as an integral part of the training of personnel for military security in Russia

Annotation. The speech highlights the issues of personnel training taking into account the national security of the state and with an emphasis on military-patriotic education of youth.

Keywords: national security, patriotism, personnel training, military-patriotic education.


Kiknadze V.G. Information and ideological work and military history in ensuring Russia's security: problems and solutions

Annotation. The presentation summarizes the historical experience of information confrontation by the example of one of its components - military historical work (science). The authors formulate the system of information and ideological work. The necessity of returning to a clear state ideology is substantiated. The organization of the study of military history in military educational institutions is generalized. Proposed ways to solve the problem of creating a system of information and ideological work in Russia.

Keywords: information; war; ideology; propaganda; security; military history; falsification; the science; school time; personnel training.


Saksonov O.V., Lisin N.A. The foundation of the victories of Russian arms in the second half of the 18th century

Annotation. The article examines the main changes in the Russian army in the second half of the eighteenth century and the military practical and theoretical activity of outstanding national commanders and military leaders, which became the foundation for the great victories of Russian arms.

Keywords: Catherine II, P.A. Rumyantsev, G.A. Potemkin, A.V. Suvorov, Seven Years' War, Russian-Turkish War, Military Commission, General Staff.


Kurenishev A.A. "Revolutionary terror" and power in Russia (late XIX - early XX century)

Annotation. The article is devoted to the role and importance of terror in the political struggle in the Russian Empire of the late XIX - early XX century.

Keywords: political struggle, terror, provocation, Russia, history.



Science. Society. Defense ( - 2016. - No. 2 (7)


Galas M.L. Optimization of the regulation of migration processes in the Russian Federation in the context of humanitarian assistance in crisis situations (methodology of social and political forecasting using geoinformation systematization technology)

Annotation. The article presents the main characteristics of the innovative scientific and applied direction of socio-political forecasting of migration risks using geoinformation systems based on the methodology developed by the author for mapping quantitative, temporal, and objective criteria for assessing the focus problem through information technology mapping information for a cartographic basis for searching, processing , storage, spatial visualization of information (political, ialnoy, economic) in the context of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.

Keywords: migration risks, socio-political forecasting, geoinformation systems, spatial visualization of information, subjects of the Russian Federation, humanitarian assistance in crisis situations, optimization of public administration, refugees, desired migration, labor migration, military-political conflicts.


Prosekov S.A. Migration risks of "transitional" China: current trends and prospects

Annotation. The relevance of the topic is determined by the deep social and economic problems that the Russian Far East is currently experiencing. The article shows the specifics of the economic development of the territory of the Far East, located on the border with China. The measures taken by the Government of the Russian Federation aimed at coming out of the deep social and economic crisis in the Far East are analyzed. The article deals with the mechanisms of migration of Chinese citizens to the territory of the Russian Federation and specifics of their economic activities, as well as the tactics and strategy of the Chinese leadership in migration policy.

Keywords: Far East, migration, demographic problem, national security, global problems.


Erokhina O.V. Problems of national-state self-identification of Crimeans, regulation of interethnic relations in Crimea, political and social adaptation of Crimeans to life in the Russian Federation

Annotation. The work is devoted to topical problems of forming a new internal political reality in Russia, connected with the inclusion of the Crimea peninsula into the territory of the Russian Federation. The article examines the main characteristics of the socio-political situation that has developed in the Crimea, as well as the peculiarities of self-identification of Crimeans, and analyzes the risks associated with migration and interethnic relations. The key problems on the way of Crimea integration into the Russian political space are identified and ways of their solution are suggested.

Keywords: Crimea, social and political situation, identity, interethnic relations, integration.


Ershov V.F. State immigration policy of the Russian Federation in the North Caucasus region in 1991-2015: institutionalization, adaptation programs, historical and cultural interaction with the world of compatriots

Annotation. The article is devoted to the legal, organizational and cultural aspects of immigration processes in the North Caucasus at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries. Positive immigration potential is shown in the context of socio-economic modernization tasks in the North Caucasus region and as a factor in enhancing Russia's foreign policy influence.

Keywords: North Caucasus, immigration policy, North Caucasian countries, Russian compatriots.


Rylskaya M.A. Nagorno-Karabakh "time bomb"

Annotation. The article is devoted to the investigation of the reasons for the relapse of a military solution to the problem of the territorial belonging of Nagorno-Karabakh. The author considers various aspects of the historical background of this conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan and substantiates a number of concrete ways of possible influence on prevention of such potential situations.

Keywords: territorial problems, internal armed conflict, interethnic consent.


Shatilov A.B. Civil war in Ukraine and migration risks for Russia

Annotation. The article is devoted to the analysis of the problem of migratory risks for Russia on the part of Ukraine. At the same time, the socio-economic grounds for the arrival of Ukrainian migrants in the Russian Federation, as well as military-political grounds, are associated with the threat of continuation and even aggravation of the conflict in the Donbass. The author predicts several scenarios for the development of the situation, two of which (the failure of Ukraine's military aggression against the People's Democratic Republic and the People's Republic of France and the consistent implementation of the Minsk Agreements) will not bring Russia significant migratory "infusions." At the same time, the escalation of the social and economic crisis in Ukraine, as well as the power "victorious" military campaign of the Armed Forces of Ukraine against the Donetsk People's Republic and the Luhansk People's Republic are capable of provoking new flows of refugees comparable or even exceeding the figures of 2014-2015.

Keywords: migration, Ukraine, Donbas, risks, war, Donetsk People's Republic (DNR), Lugansk People's Republic (LNR), migrant workers, refugees, Minsk Agreements.


Salin P.B. Aftershocks of the separatist movements of the North Caucasus. Possible expansion of IGIL to the constituent entities of the Russian Federation

Annotation. The relevance of the topic is determined by the exhaustion of the former informal contract between the federal Center and the North Caucasian elites. The article points out that this increases the risk of growth of separatist sentiments in the macroregion and the popularity there of the ideas of radical Islamism. It is alleged that one of the ways to neutralize these risks could be a new socio-cultural adaptation of the region with the help of representatives of titular ethnic groups who had previously migrated to other regions of the country and who now want to take status positions in local elites.

Keywords: extremism, IGIL, civil society, elites, the North Caucasus.


Fomov S.V., Smirnova M.M. Reflections of the "Dialectical" Amateur

Annotation. The article shows that dialectical logic is an independent concept that has a very remote relation to the initial concepts of dialectics and logic - the basis of rational thinking. The role and significance of the speculative method of Hegel in the teaching of Karl Marx and his influence both on the formation of a common world view, and on the development of domestic science, in particular, are shown.

Keywords: dialectics, logic, dialectical logic, dialectical materialism, Marxism, philosophy, science, pseudoscience, the principle of falsification.


Kalinina S.B. Methods for increasing the viability of servicemen with manifestations of post-traumatic stress reactions

Annotation. The article is devoted to a theoretical analysis of approaches to understanding the nature and consequences of military stress. The author gives descriptions of the manifestations of posttraumatic reactions in war veterans, describes types of personality of people who have experienced military stress. The novelty of the work is manifested in a detailed analysis of the concept of "vitality" as a quality, the opposite of depression and the experience of using the training of resilience in the work with military personnel.

Keywords: posttraumatic stress reactions, military stress, psychology of veterans of wars, resilience, trainings in work with military personnel.


Gurov V.A. Reflections in the genre of a detailed scientific review of the contribution of S.E. Lazarev's work to the historiography of the Soviet military elite of the 1930s

Annotation. The review assesses the Russian and foreign historiography of the formation and evolution of the Soviet military elite of the 1930s, represented by S.E. Lazarev, and the modern comprehension of the whole complex of military, political and international problems by the author, against which background the tragic historical events in the Red Army took place, culminating in the destruction of the Soviet military elite in 1937-1938, which caused serious damage to the armed forces of the USSR.

Keywords: the USSR; Red Army; Military Council; land groups; the military elite; general arrests; mass repression; cleaning; combat readiness; Academy of the General Staff of the Red Army; rebirth; Russian disabled; hourly; Naval Academy of the Red Army.



Science. Society. Defense ( - 2016. - No. 3 (8)


Grishin Ya. Ya., Galiullin M.Z. Russia - India: military-technical cooperation is a significant component of strategic partnership

Annotation. The article deals with military-technical cooperation between Russia and India. This sphere is the locomotive in the trade and economic relations of the two states, which dates back to the Soviet era. Joint production of military equipment and modernization of the armed forces of India is the most promising direction of military and technical cooperation between the two countries. India is a strategic partner of the Russian Federation, with which long-term contracts for cooperation in the field of weapons have been signed.

Keywords: Russia, India, military-technical cooperation, armament, equipment, armed forces, licensed production, defense.


Sheremet I.B., Voloshin R.V., Trofimov A.V., Parfenov A.E. New view on parrying threats to Russia's national security. When the enemy uses precision weapons in the conditions of combat operations on the basis of a single global information and communication space

Annotation. The proposed ways of confronting the alleged threats to national security will significantly improve the effectiveness of covering military and infrastructure facilities against modern and promising air assault weapons, used primarily as high-precision weapons, which will positively affect the defense capability of our country.

Keywords: high-precision weapons, information space, unmanned aerial vehicle, cruise missile.


Vinichenko M.V. Providing Russia's security with the development of methods of actions of air-ground-ground troops

Annotation. The article deals with the problematic issues of the development of air-ground-underground methods of troops' actions on the experience of armed struggle in past wars and at the present time. The analysis is carried out within the framework of forms of using underground space by armed formations and the complex impact of opposing sides in three-dimensional space.

Keywords: air-ground-underground actions, methods, complexity, security of Russia.


Kuznetsov A.A. On the issue of a new understanding of the violation by the American side of the INF Treaty

Annotation. The article reveals new facts of violation by the US side of the INF Treaty, which were admitted during the development of weapons of a non-nuclear, rapid global strike.

Keywords: INF Treaty, non-nuclear fast global strike.


Lopatkin A.S. Some approaches to achieving stealth management of troops (forces) in the interests of ensuring military security of the Russian Federation

Annotation. The article is devoted to the presentation of approaches to achieve the concealment of command and control of troops (forces) in the interests of ensuring the military security of the Russian Federation.

Keywords: military security, command and control of troops (forces), stealth management.


Borodavkin V.A., Burkovetskiy K. A., Butko V. V., Pryadkin A.S. Integration of civil and military education is the basis for qualitative training of military specialists

Annotation. In the speech, the aspects of integration of civil and military education in the context of training specialists in a higher educational institution of defense are examined. The existing state of affairs is covered, problem issues are considered, and measures are proposed for their solution.

Keywords: civic education, military education, training of specialists, defense industry complex, military training center, military department, military training faculty.


Zharskiy A.P., Mikhailov A.A. The collapse of the Russian Imperial Army at the end of the First World War (based on memoirs and diaries of Russian military emigration)

Annotation. In the article, based on the analysis and generalization of the materials of the memoirs of Russian military emigration, the tragic events of February-March 1917, which led to the collapse of both the Russian Imperial Army and the Russian Empire based on it, are covered.

Keywords: Russian army, Russian military emigration, Order No. 1, elected military committees, institute of commissioners.


Fomov S.V., Smirnova M.M. About the system of camouflage

Annotation. On the basis of a rational approach, one of the types of combat support is being investigated - disguise. Its structure, essence and realization are revealed. The principal impossibility of creating a masking system is shown.

Keywords: disguise, system of disguise, concealment, misleading the enemy, dialectical materialism.


Shel V.V., Yurov R.V. Marine Radio-Electronic Intelligence: Concept Content and Definition

Annotation. The article proposes an interpretation of the content of the concept and definition of the term "Marine Radioelectronic Intelligence".

Keywords: Marine radio electronic reconnaissance, term, concept content, definition.


Soklakov A. Yu. Military service in the context of the national idea and patriotism

Annotation. After a quarter of a century of defamation, oblivion and ignoring patriotism once again became popular with the state. Some aspects of the relationship between the concept of "patriotism" and the content of the national idea and the subject of military upbringing in Russia are examined. Despite the fact that patriotism can and should unite the nation, the national idea must simultaneously be based on the historical traditions, ideology and mentality of the people.

Keywords: patriotism, national idea, ideology, military service, Russia.



Science. Society. Defense ( - 2016. - No. 4 (9)


Spiridonov V.L. The heroism under the retouches becomes dull. The reinforcement of the Red Banners over the Reichstag in Russian historiography

Annotation. Replicated in the media and a number of fundamental historical works description of the primacy of a group of volunteer soldiers in the installation in 1945 of the Red Banner above the Reichstag often recently becomes an occasion to discredit both the Banner of Victory and the heroes of the installation of all the Red Banners over the Reichstag. A careful reading of the personal memories of the immediate participants in this event, their analysis and comparison with documentary evidence, makes it possible to doubt that the circumstances of the feat of Captain V. Makov's group are presented accurately and accurately.

Keywords: Victory Banner, feat, assault, Reichstag, Red Flag, hoisting the flag, documents, memories


Smirnova A.P. Patriotism in the context of ideology

Annotation. In the article, conservatism is considered as the main characteristic of patriotism. The characteristics of three varieties of conservatism are analyzed: political, cultural and ontological. Despite the fact that these types of conservatism manifest themselves in different ways and relate to different spheres of society, they are aimed at preserving the existing order, values and traditions, without which patriotism is impossible.

Keywords: conservatism, patriotism, nationalism, liberalism, nation.


Zelenko V.K., Starikov N.E. Contribution of Tula gunsmiths to the creation of rifle and cannon armament

Annotation. The presentation presents brief information about the history of the creation and development of rifle and cannon weapons in Tula, the contribution of world-renowned Tula designers to the creation of the defense shield of the Fatherland. More detailed analysis of the modern stage of the design of small arms and cannon armament, associated with the contribution of the famous designers A.G. Shipunova and V.P. Gryazev, who created a unified system of small-caliber guns.

Keywords: domestic arms production, precision weapons, rifle and cannon armament, aviation weapons, large-caliber weapons, unified system of small-caliber guns.


Kirillov A.V. Training of Management Personnel as the Basis of Russia's Security: Historical Experience and Modernity

Annotation. The article deals with the problematic issues of training managerial personnel, whose resolution is the basis of Russia's security. Particular emphasis is placed on the critical analysis of modern methods of teaching managers and focuses on historical parallels. The historical heritage in this sphere is brought to the forefront, people who made a significant contribution to the development of the theory and practice of training managerial personnel are recalled. An attempt has been made to prove that the competence approach, at least in its present form, leads away from the study of the foundations, sometimes confuses the technologies of training managers, leads to ignoring historical experience.

Keywords: management, training, competence, competence, principle, case-method, training, evaluation of learning outcomes.


Klyakhin V.N. Possible ways of improving the quality of training of reserve officers

Annotation. The interests of ensuring the necessary level of national security in the military sphere require improving the training of reserve officers, which are not only a personnel reserve, but also compensate for the undercomplex of military officers in primary positions. One of the ways to solve the problem is to integrate the training of specialists in defense specialties in civilian and military universities.

Keywords: national security, vocational education, training.


Rusanov V.Yu. Features of training personnel to protect state secrets

Annotation. The report outlines the specifics of training personnel from a soldier to an officer who defended state secrets in the army and navy for the 90 years of the existence of the special service.

Keywords: protection of state secrets (ZGT), service of HRT, special agencies.


Sednev V.A., Voronov S.I. Training of specialists in the field of managing the security of the economy and territory in peacetime and wartime as an important component of Russia's military security

Annotation. The main problems, tasks, peculiarities and perspective directions of training specialists in the field of security management of the economy and territories in peacetime and wartime, including for the defense industry complex, as one of the most important components of ensuring the country's military security were considered.

Keywords: forecasting, emergency situation, means of destruction, accident with explosion, stability, object of economy.


Simonyants R.P. Innovative technologies for training engineers at the faculties of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Annotation. The modern problems of the engineering school, characterized by inadequate practical training, are analyzed. The possibility of negative impact of the CDIO international program on the issues of providing defense industry enterprises with engineering personnel is noted. The positive experience of using innovative technologies for training engineers at the faculties of the MSTU is discussed. N.E. Bauman, operating at industrial enterprises of the defense industry.

Keywords: engineering education, continuous practice, practical training, educational technologies, branch faculty, "Russian method" of training, CDIO program, training of engineers with participation of industry, personnel of the defense industry.


Zharskiy A.P., Sheptura V.N. Development of the organizational and technical structure and methods of using communication nodes for the management of operational-strategic and operational associations (late 1945 - early 1980s)

Annotation. The article presents an analysis of the development of methods of combat use of communications centers at the front and army command posts in the 1945-1980s.

Keywords: control system, communication system, communication points of control points.


Fomov S.V., Smirnova M.M. Some problems of rational perception and explication of control

Annotation. In the article some approaches common to the national science for understanding the essence of management are considered. Their scientific inconsistency is shown due to the lack of a rational basis in them.

Keywords: management, management theory, rationality, irrationality, formal logic, dialectical logic.



Science. Society. Defense ( - 2017. - No. 1 (10)


Baltovskiy L.V. Patriotism as a target function of political education in modern Russia

Annotation. The article describes patriotism as the highest form of statehood, which appears in the form of meaningful behavior, based on personal responsibility for the destinies of their fatherland, the continuity of culture and the historical tradition. It is noted that the phenomenon of patriotism is a kind of public consciousness, the formation of which is carried out through political education.

Keywords: Patriotism, political education, political communication, public consciousness.


Kiknadze V.G. Domestic military history in modern Russia: from a schoolboy to a military historian

Annotation. Military history occupies an important place among scientific and educational activities. Especially in Russia, which has a rich military history and centuries-old traditions in the defense of the Fatherland. In conditions of increasing information impact on the citizens of Russia with the aim of undermining its historical, spiritual and patriotic traditions, the state (scientific and educational) potential of military science has become of fundamental importance for ensuring state, military and public security. An analysis of the current state and prospects for the development of military history in Russia (from school to the scientific complex of the Russian Ministry of Defense) is the subject of this publication.

Keywords: history, military history, science, Russia, Ministry of Defense, Great Patriotic War, school, Unified State Exam.


Reichman G.K. "I told my son ...". Experience in the Great Patriotic War

Annotation. On the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Nazi invasion, the book of the veteran of the Great Patriotic War Leo Smilovitsky (Leiba Motelevich) was published on the territory of the USSR. It was prepared by his son Leonid, an Israeli historian who is a senior fellow at the Center for Diaspora at Tel Aviv University. The main content and value of the book for generations of the heirs of the Great Victory are presented in this publication.

Keywords: Great Patriotic War, Second World War, Jews, victory, book, memories, Smilovitsky, Rechitsa, Minsk, Belarus, Israel.


Guryev E.P. The wars of the Russian Empire in the system of quantitative features of the phenomenon of patriotism

Annotation. The article examines the wars waged by the Russian Empire since its founding in the course of the Northern War (1721) until its death in the fire of the First World War (1917). The relationship between the goals, the nature of the war ("just" or "unfair") and its outcome (victory or defeat) in the framework of a quantitative analysis of patriotism was analyzed.

Keywords: Russian Empire, wars, patriotism, quantitative signs, "justice", "injustice", character.


Lapina I. Yu., Kargapoltsev S. Yu. Mass heroism of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War as a quantitative sign of patriotism (initial components and general problems)

Annotation. The relationship between the events of 1945 and 2017 is established and analyzed, qualitative features of these periods are singled out as a common component of domestic and world sociogenesis. The reasons for the defeat of the Red Army in the initial period of German aggression against the USSR are considered. Particular attention is paid to the mass heroism of the Soviet people during the Great Patriotic War and the modern perception of their heroism.

Keywords: Great Patriotic War, Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army, patriotism, USSR, Russia, community of Western states, sociogenesis.


Nikitin V. Yu. Patriotism in the process of formation of political culture

Annotation. Patriotism and the theory of political culture. Influence of patriotism on political culture. Patriotism and political orientations. Patriotism and political stereotypes: personification, emotionality, irrationality, stability. Patriotism and political myths: conspiracy, golden age, hero-savior, unity. Patriotism and political symbols: flag, emblem, hymn, slogans, holidays.

Keywords: patriotism, political culture, political orientations, political stereotypes, political myths, political symbols.


Sokirkin D.N. Transformation of views on the patriotism of the Soviet political elite (1920 - 30s)

Annotation. In this paper, the process of transforming the notion of patriotism within the political elite of the Soviet state in the crucial historical period of the 1920s-1930s is considered. As a direct subject of research, a change in attitude towards the historical past of the country was chosen. On the example of statements by well-known political leaders, official state documents, publicism, the transition from the perception of the past of the country through the prism of "revolutionary consciousness" to the study and popularization of individual pages of Russian history is analyzed. Along with this, there is a partial return to the traditional norms of Russian morality and the system of values. The above tendencies are presented in the context of changing the international situation before the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War.

Keywords: patriotism, political elite, the Soviet Union, history, citizen.


Alekseev A.N. French medal "Defenders of Port Arthur"

Annotation. The article deals with the history of creation and existence of the award medal "Defenders of Port Arthur", issued in France, as an illustration of the ambiguity of such a phenomenon as patriotism, the content of which is determined by the moral climate of society.

Keywords: patriotism, medal, General Stessel.


Sagittarius M. V. Grigory Reichman: propagandist of historical knowledge

Annotation. On April 6, 2017, Grigory Reichman, an Israeli historian, translator, journalist, propagandist of historical knowledge, focused on two problematic blocks in the context of the history of World War II: the Holocaust and the heroism displayed by the Jews in the struggle against the deadly enemy - German Nazism, turns 60 years old.

Keywords: Reichman, historian, World War II, the Holocaust, Babi Yar, Sobibor, heroism, Jews, Nazism, Israel.


Kobrin M.V. What the Brest Fortress is silent about

Annotation. Review of the monograph "Brest. The summer of 1941 Documents, materials, photographs".

Keywords: USSR, Brest, Brest Fortress, Great Patriotic War, June 1941, heroism, courage.



Science. Society. Defense ( - 2017. - No. 2 (11)


Baltovskii L.V., Smirnova A.P. On the issue of the institutionalization of political science in Russia

Annotation. The comprehension of ideal and real politicians in the history of the development of political knowledge is especially interesting from the point of view of studying the domestic experience of political modernization and its reflection in the theoretical political consciousness. The article notes that political reflection, which is the history and the present of political ideas (political thought), is a full-fledged object of scientific research on this issue.

Keywords: politics, political science, political reflection, ideology, political consciousness, political modernization.


Lapina I. Yu., Kargapoltsev S. Yu. Patriotism as a state-forming ideology of the Russian sociogenesis (complex of qualitative features and problem interrelation)

Annotation. The article examines the main laws of domestic sociogenesis and its relationship with patriotism in the context of military history. The problems and motivational factors of the modern period of Russian statehood are analyzed. A conclusion is made about the importance of knowledge of history and the decisive importance of education and upbringing.

Keywords: Russia, military history, patriotism, sociogenesis, complementarity, education, upbringing, crisis.


Nikitin V. Yu. Patriotism, political orientations and types of political culture

Annotation. Patriotism and the theory of political culture. Patriotism and political orientations. Political orientations and political system: "entrance", "exit". Patriotism and types of political culture: parochial culture, subject culture, participatory culture.

Keywords: patriotism, theory of political culture, political orientations, political system, typology of political culture.


Alekseev A.N. Patriotism as a national idea

Annotation. In the article features of Russian national character and Russian patriotism are considered. The transformation of this concept at the present stage is traced.

Keywords: national character, national idea, patriotism.


Kalinina S.B. The study of the locus of control in the cadets of the Military University

Annotation. The article is devoted to the description of the results of the study of the peculiarities of the locus-control in cadets of the Military University. Theoretical and practical substantiation of the author's assumption about the prevalence of internal subjective control among servicemen whose professional activity is associated with increased responsibility for their actions, the need for conscious choice of actions in critical situations is given.

Keywords: locus of control, internals, externalities, professional self-consciousness of servicemen.


Gurev E. P. Sacrificing is the most important qualitative sign of patriotism

Annotation. In the article, sacrifice is analyzed as the most important qualitative sign of patriotism. As an example of sacrifice, the feats of the Russian Navy's sailors are considered in the Russian-Japanese war of 1904-1905.

Keywords: patriotism, qualitative features, sacrifice, exploits, Russian fleet, Russian-Japanese war.


Sokirkin D.N. The meaning and peculiarities of patriotic education in modern Russian society

Annotation. In the presented work the features of patriotic education in modern Russia are analyzed. The problem is considered in the context of the changes that have occurred in society for several decades. The modern interpretation of patriotism is given, the features of the value system of the younger generation and the problems associated with their patriotic upbringing are characterized, and the methods of the latter are described.

Keywords: Russia, patriotism, patriotic education, political culture, youth.


Strelets M.V. The Israeli Special Forces

Annotation. The author of the article undertakes for the first time in the post-Soviet historiography a comprehensive analysis of the history of the Israeli special forces. The reader draws a conclusion that the State of Israel has accumulated valuable experience on this part, which is of interest to its counterparts in other countries, including the Russian Federation. In no case can this experience be ignored in the process of improving the antiterrorist structure in the CSTO. The article is intended for a wide range of readers.

Keywords: anti-Semitism, war, State of Israel, counter-terrorism activity, politics, special forces.


Leonov V.E. Fashion as an epiphenomenon of social ontology

Annotation. The article considers the perception and evaluation of the phenomenon of fashion, depending on the corresponding ontological and socio-philosophical notions. It is shown that for critics who adhere to the rational-idealistic tradition, a critically-negative evaluation of this phenomenon is characteristic, whereas thinkers of an empirically individualistic trend assess fashion in the framework of ideas about society as a self-organizing system.

Keywords: fashion, mass culture, economic theory, social philosophy.


Mihaylov E.V. Well-Being of the Working Class as One of the Most Important Conditions for the Progressive Development of the Russian Federation

Annotation. The article considers the problems of the working class and its role in the industrial development of Russia. Particular attention is paid to trade union organizations, which must regain the original function of protecting the interests and rights of workers.

Keywords: working class, trade unions, defense-industrial complex, modernization, security.



Science. Society. Defense ( - 2017. - No. 3 (12)


Kiknadze V.G. Interaction between the state and civil society institutions in the interests of Russia's security

Annotation. Scientific Communication on the III International Scientific and Practical Seminar "Interaction of Civil Society Institutions and the State in Resolving Current Problems of the Present" on "Food, Energy, Financial and Economic Security of Russia: From the Reforms of the Provisional Government to the Present", which was held by the Financial University under the Government The Russian Federation and the State Central Museum of Modern History of Russia on April 21, 2017.

Keywords: security, Russia, power, society, ecology, food, energy, finance, economics, risks, dangers, threats, Financial University.


Fedorova I.Yu. State and Society: Interaction on the Way of Modernizing Financial Control in Terms of Contract System

Annotation. The article deals with issues related to the modernization of the system of financial control of state and municipal purchases in the context of the contract system operating in Russia in the context of the most organic interaction of state bodies and civil society institutions. The goals, nature and mechanism of the state-society interrelations are determined on the issues of financial control. The necessity of increasing its effectiveness by improving the legal framework is substantiated. Requirements are established for justifying the object of control and bringing it into line with new standards, technical conditions, economic indicators, quality indicators, etc. The issues of procurement control based on the risk-oriented approach in the context of the development of the contract system are considered.

Keywords: contract system, customers and participants of state and municipal purchases, state and public financial control in the sphere of procurement, economic interrelations of the elements.


Zimonin V.P. About the reasons and ways of increasing the level of defensive capability of the Kuril Islands

Annotation. In 2009, the lower house of the Japanese parliament passed a law stating that the southern Kurils belonging to Russia are part of the territory of Japan, which is a gross violation of international law. The official publications of this country, however, do not limit claims to the so-called. "Northern territories" of these islands. Apparently in reinforcing the revanchist claims to Russia and other countries, Japan began to establish a marines' unit as part of a large group of rapid reaction forces. These and other measures of the Japanese leadership can not but cause concern on the part of Russia and require a response.

Keywords: Japan, Russia, marines, devaluation of the 9th article of the constitution, cartographic aggression, countermeasures.


Leonov V.E. World-system analysis as a theoretical basis for the critique of neoliberal globalism

Annotation. The article deals with the problems of social and economic development of modern Russia. It is shown that the consistent embodiment of the neoliberal model of economic development not only does not contribute to the successful development of the Russian state, but also largely blocks the latter. It is asserted that the theory of the world-system analysis of F. Braudel and I. Wallerstein is of great heuristic value, since it helps to understand the place, role and tasks that the country faces in the conditions of its existence in the global economy.

Keywords: market economy, modernization, social and economic development, world-economy, globalization.


Lapina I.Yu., Kargapoltsev S.Yu. The transition of quantitative features of patriotism to qualitative ones on the example of the combat actions of the Russian Expeditionary Corps on the Western and Balkan fronts in 1916-1918

Annotation. The article examines the military-political aspects of the participation of Russian expeditionary forces in combat operations in France and the Balkans during the First World War. Problems and motivational factors of the transition of quantitative attributes of patriotism to qualitative factors are analyzed. An assessment of the contemporary understanding of this episode of history in the minds of citizens of Russia and France is given. A conclusion is drawn on the importance of patriotism as the core component of sociogenesis and the morale of the defenders of the fatherland.

Keywords: Russia, World War I, Entente, Russian Expeditionary Corps, patriotism, military history.


Kurenishev A. A. Hunger as an emergency situation of a social nature (historical aspects)

Annotation. The article examines the impact of crop failures, famine and other related phenomena on the socio-economic and political situation in Russia at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century.

Keywords: famine, crop failure, agroculture, monoculture, war, social selection.


Pechalova L.V. Enterprises of trade cooperation and cooperation of disabled people in Stavropol and Kalmykia in solving problems of providing the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945)

Annotation. The author raises the problem of an objective assessment of the history of the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945). The article presents separate data of a comprehensive analysis of the activities of the fishing cooperative and the cooperation of the disabled in Stavropol and Kalmykia in providing the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945). The relevance of the study is determined by insufficient knowledge of the problem. The article is based on archival and documentary sources.

Keywords: Great Patriotic War, Red Army, cooperation, trade cooperation, cooperation of disabled people, provision, uniform, Stavropol Territory, Kalmykia.


Kuzinets I.M. The Baltic Fleet in the Battle of Leningrad

Annotation. The role and place of the forces of the Baltic Fleet in the defensive and offensive operations of the Soviet troops in the North-West strategic direction are presented with the goal of defending Leningrad and defeating the German fascist troops near Leningrad (July 10, 1941 - August 9, 1944) during the Great Patriotic War .

Keywords: war, Baltic Fleet, Leningrad, defense, losses, blockade, breakthrough.


Smirnova A.P. Use of Internet resources in political science education

Annotation. The article is devoted to the problems of political science education in Russia and the possibility of solving some problems through the use of innovative methods. Innovative methods, in particular, include methods of using Internet resources and Internet technologies in the educational process. We live in the era of the information society, so the use of information technology in the educational process, Internet technologies is inevitable.

Keywords: Internet technologies, Internet resources, political science, information society.


Kobrin M.V. Belarusians - participants of the Holocaust

Annotation. The article describes the participation of Belarusians in the Holocaust during the Second World War. A comparative analysis was carried out with similar processes in Lithuania and Ukraine. The previously unknown facts about the war crimes of Belarusians, illustrated by photographs of the meeting of the residents of the city of Baranovichi (Belarus) of the German fascist troops, Belarusian police battalions, including those involved in the destruction of the village of Khatyn, are given. The position is justified that the Holocaust was not an event that was carried out only by Germany and the Germans.

Keywords: Holocaust, Byelorussians, Jews, crimes, genocide, Khatyn, German fascist invaders, Great Patriotic War.



Science. Society. Defense ( - 2017. - No. 4 (13)


Baltovskiy L.V. Political communication and its importance in the activities of Russian political parties in the past and present

Annotation. In the context of increasing informatization, the role of political communication can not be overestimated, this article notes that political communication is an independent and very practical tool not only for the state as a whole, but also for political parties that are the link between managers and managed, political system and environment.

Keywords: political communication, political party, political subjectness, political elite.


Sokirkin D.N. Traditions of perception and education of patriotism in Russian society

Annotation. The article deals with the problem of perception and education of patriotism through the prism of the experience of Russian history. The phenomenon of patriotism is one of the most significant, everlasting values of society. It manifests itself in such personal qualities as readiness for active work for the benefit of the Fatherland. Features of patriotic consciousness and upbringing at different stages of Russian history are shown. The importance of patriotism for contemporary Russian society is underlined.

Keywords: Russia, patriotism, perception of patriotism, patriotic education, tradition.


Soklakov A. Yu. Symphony of the Russian Idea

Annotation. In the essay, the evolution of the concept of the Russian idea, which is continuous from the moment of origin in Kievan Rus, is considered. Based on the immutability of the Christian, social and peace principles contained in it, the author formulates the corresponding motto.

Keywords: Russian historiosophy, Russian idea, national motto, national idea, third Rome, national history, peace, peace struggle, anti-globalism, ideology, geopolitics.


Nikitin V.Yu. Patriotism, political culture and political system: the historical aspect

Annotation. Patriotism and the political culture of society. Historical aspect of the theory of political culture. Political culture and political system. Historical aspect of the theory of the political system.

Keywords: patriotism, political culture, political system, historical aspect.


Strelets M.V. The role of the Belarusian State Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War in the formation of the culture of historical memory

Annotation. The article attempts to answer the question: "Does the Belarusian State Museum satisfy the requirements for the formation of a culture of historical memory?" The author shows that this institution was never ideal in this respect. The reader draws the conclusion that in the post-Soviet period the role of the Museum in the formation of a culture of historical memory is much more significant than in the Soviet era. At the same time, the article expresses wishes for improving the exposition policy of the Museum at the present stage.

Keywords: Belarus, war, historiography, concept, museum, memory, Stalin, funds, exposition.


Alekseev A.N. Anniversary dates of Russian history in the context of the problem of patriotism formation

Annotation. The article considers the possibilities of using the jubilee dates of Russian history in the process of forming a sense of patriotism.

Keywords: patriotism, patriotic upbringing, youth, jubilee dates.


Guriev E.P. Transition of quantitative attributes of patriotism to qualitative ones at the historical level

Annotation. In the article the transition of quantitative attributes of patriotism to qualitative ones is considered on the example of the historical event - the battle of Borodino. The course of the summer campaign of the war of 1812, the course of the battle of Borodino, the exploits of Russian soldiers and officers, the results of the battle are analyzed. Conclusions are drawn about the transition of quantity (exploits of Russian soldiers in the battle) to a new quality - a strategic victory in the Patriotic War of 1812

Keywords: patriotism, qualitative features, quantitative features, the battle of Borodino, the Patriotic War of 1812, a feat.


Sharova L.V., Sharov A.V. Study of the ways of prevention of exacerbations of chronic pain in the cervical spine of cadets of educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia engaged in single combat

Annotation. Injuries of the cervical spine are the most common in athletes of martial artists. For successful competition in the competitive activity of cadets, we propose to use modern experimentally tested methods with the use of bioinformational technologies in order to prevent exacerbations of chronic pain in the cervical spine of cadets of educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Keywords: combat, prevention of exacerbations of chronic pain in the cervical spine, cadets of educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


Voronov V.N., Tushkov A.A. Organization and combat use of land armed formations of the fleet on the Far Eastern borders of Russia in 1917-1922: the problem of informative sources

Annotation. The article is devoted to the problem of informative sources in the field of organization and combat use of the land armed formations of the fleet that played an important role in establishing Soviet power in late 1917 - early 1918, as well as supporting the Red Army on the main fronts of the Civil War.

Keywords: Civil war; land armed formations of the fleet; naval construction; foreign intervention; history; historiography; Russia; The Soviet Republic.


Rassokho-Anokhina V.N., Karnaukhov M.V., Chuprakov Yu. K. Objectivity and completeness of the investigation of Admiral F.F. Ushakov

Annotation. In 2017, 200 years have passed since the death of Admiral Fyodor Fedorovich Ushakov. The activities of the admiral, the innovation of a talented naval commander brought immeasurable benefits to the Fatherland. Studies of the versatile activities of the admiral are an occasion for discussion in this article.

Keywords: Admiral F.F. Ushakov; island Vido, Corfu Island, thesis research, naval art, the system of manning the ships' crews.


Nauka. Obŝestvo. Oborona = Science. Society. Defense, Journal, Russia

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"Внимание к российской истории не должно ослабевать"  // Путин В.В. Послание Президента Российской Федерации Федеральному Собранию. - 2012.
В защиту исторической правды, Консультативный Совет, Л. Духанина, В. Кикнадзе,  А. Корниенко, О. Шеин
Военная безопасность России: взгляд в будущее, Российская академия ракетных и артиллерийских наук, РАРАН /Russia's military security: a look into the future, 2019, Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences
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