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Nauka. Obŝestvo. Oborona

Наука. Общество. Оборона. Science. Society. Defense. Nauka. Obshchestvo. Oborona









Vladimir G. Kiknadze

Иммануил Кант "Имей мужество пользоваться своим умом"





«Have the courage

use your mind»

Immanuel Kant


Nauka. Obŝestvo. Oborona = Science. Society. Defense is a peer-reviewed scientific journal, which highlights issues in the field of domestic (Russian), world and military history, international relations and politics, the state of Russian science and Russian society, the security of the Russian Federation and international security.


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The Journal’s mission is to support the promotion of Russian society, its political and historical culture. The Journal is focused on providing scientific and informational and analytical assistance in solving the problems of Russian science, including military science and military-historical science, ensuring Russia's defense capability, countering attempts to falsify and distorting history to the detriment of Russia's interests. One of the main criteria for the selection of authors and materials for the Journal is the relevance of ideas and a positive focus on resolving the problems of modern Russia.


The Journal publishes works on the following topics: objective history; Russian society; world politics: history, theory and practice; international relationships; problems of War and Peace; migration processes in the global world; army, power and society; public, state and military security of Russia; philosophy of science; scientific personnel; Information technology; story in faces; history of the Great Victory; military training and education; patriotic education; art, special services, weapons and military equipment, Cossacks: history and modernity; health of the Russian nation.


The Journal accepts for publication original articles; reviews, including historiographic; publications about personalities; translations of articles published in foreign journals (with the consent of the copyright holder for translation and publication); publication of documents and materials of personal origin as historical sources; scientific reports; scientific reviews; scientific reports; other informational materials.


The publication is included in the Russian Index of Scientific Citation (RSCI)


SCIENCE INDEX rating on "History. Historical sciences" - 66th place


Journal has passed the evaluation process positively and is indexed in the ICI Journals Master List 

  • Index Copernicus Value (ICV) - 92,64


The Journal is peer-reviewed, reviews are submitted with the release of the Journal to the NEB database (eLIBRARY)


All articles of the Journal are on the website of the online publication in OPEN ACCESS under the Creative Commons Attribution International License (CC BY)


The full text of the articles in OPEN ACCESS :

Наука. Общество. Оборона, ИВИС, Ист Вью, Nauka. Obsestvo. Oborona, East View
ICI World of Journals, Index Copernicus, Science. Society. Defense
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Obligatory copy of the publication is registered in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Scientific and Technical Center "Informregister".

Nauka. Obŝestvo. Oborona = Science. Society. Defense, Journal, Russia

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Thematic sections


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Патриотические сводки от Владимира Кикнадзе
"Внимание к российской истории не должно ослабевать"  // Путин В.В. Послание Президента Российской Федерации Федеральному Собранию. - 2012.
В защиту исторической правды, Консультативный Совет, Л. Духанина, В. Кикнадзе,  А. Корниенко, О. Шеин
Военная безопасность России: взгляд в будущее, Российская академия ракетных и артиллерийских наук, РАРАН /Russia's military security: a look into the future, 2019, Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences
Миграция, демография, управление рисками

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"Военно-исторический журнал". Издание Министерства обороны Российской Федерации //

ICI World of Journals, Index Copernicus, Science. Society. Defense
Наука. Общество. Оборона, ИВИС, Ист Вью, Nauka. Obsestvo. Oborona, East View
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